May 1, 2019 @ 1:20 PM

Ziklag is a fascinating biblical city and a place of spiritual significance.  The name Ziklag means winding and measure pressed down. 

Ziklag is a spiritual place that we often find ourselves in.  Our life goes in different directions.  There are certain winding paths that are necessary to get us from one place to another.  Ziklag is necessary: it is the bending in the road, the winding path that works out of us certain fears and uncertainties. 

We also experience the pressing down, the crushing and pressure that is necessary to sustain us in times of opposition.  Being crushed is a process that brings out hidden wisdom, strengths, talents, gifting, abilities and anointing.  Crushing pulls out and reveals hidden strengths and stamina.  This is what Ziklag represents.   

In this place we must look to God so that He can show us how to deal with the pressure and opposition.  He will teach us how to deal with past enemies and those spirits that try to terrorize and paralyze us with fear.  God wants to help get us from one place to another, successfully.

As a biblical city, Ziklag was given to King David (a man after God’s own heart) by King Achish, a Philistine King of Gath.  When it was burned with fire and the women and children taken captive by the Amalekites, David’s warriors were so grieved about the invasion that they talked of killing David. 

But David encouraged himself in Ziklag and inquired of God, asking if he should pursue the enemy or not.  God told him yes and David overtook the enemy and recovered all—his reputation, family, voice of influence, leadership ability, courageous heart, his home and his city.

Ziklag was a place where kings were tested or challenged.  It was in Ziklag that David received news of King Saul’s death (the first king of Israel) and that of Saul’s son, Jonathan.