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Legacy Generation International
Mentoring the Generations into Destiny
Fresh: novel, different, original, charged with energy, to revive, to invigorate, to be bold, and free from taint.


Welcome to LGI!

Are you struggling with an injustice?  Ever been in an abusive relationship?  Battling with suffocating, controlling people or circumstances?  Feel like you’re on the outside looking in?  Can’t embrace the church scene?  Yet, you’re ready to let go of your past and really begin to live.

We know how you feel─really.  We never fit in either.  It took years to get healed and longer to find our identity. 

But you don’t have to wait.  Put the past behind you and start fresh NOW with LGI!

LGI or Legacy Generation International is an oasis ministry.  We’re a haven for teens, 20 and 30-somethings who have been overlooked, rejected and abandoned, just like you.  

LGI is a training center.  Our focus is to help heal and restore you to who God intended you to be.

The Oasis Training Center has been in our hearts for over 15 years.  In fact, it mirrors who we are as individuals.  It’s birthed out of a passion to help you break free of unproductive cycles in your life and into one that’s full of peace, promise and fulfillment.   

We’ve seen the amazing things God can do in the life of a person He’s “fearfully and wonderfully made.” 

Isn’t that what you’re really looking for anyway?

Our ministry offers everything from life skills to advance ministry training.  As educators, we understand why knowledge is power.  It can be taught and caught in many forms.  So we’ve designed dynamic opportunities to help you acquire the relevant knowledge you need to advance into your destiny.   But we don’t stop there. 

We also offer counseling, support, true relationship, commitment, mentoring and a safe place to evolve into the real you.   We’re a Kingdom movement.   We’re visionaries who, through Christ, will show you how to use your creativity, humor, skills, talent and flair to change your world.  

If you have a dream in your heart, or even if you’ve lost it, connect again through LGI.

You don’t have to live on the sidelines anymore!

Want more info?  Email us at info.legacygenerationintl.org or click here.




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