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About Us

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Terrance and Montina Hollins are the founders and senior leaders of the Legacy Generation Apostolic Centre and Oasis Leadership Training Centre.  As licensed, ordained ministers they have served the body of Christ for over 25 years as Evangelists, Youth Pastors, Associate Pastors, and now as Apostolic and Prophetic leaders.

Together, they have served in small, mid-size, and mega churches in almost every ministry position. Aside from passionately teaching biblical principles, they have trained and led teams in spiritual mapping, city-wide evangelism, food outreach, prayer and intercession, community outreach, helps ministry, and the ministry of praise and worship.

Terrance and Montina have received training in deliverance and healing, attended several prophetic schools, and served on prophetic teams. For over 11 years, the couple has had the honor of hosting and leading city-wide prayer, worship, and prophetic events that release God’s presence and power over cities and nations.

As an anointed Davidic psalmist for over 30 years, Terrance ushers believers into intimate encounters with God in various venues, including conferences, workshops, and services. His 11-song CD, Heaven Invading the Earth, is known to create a “Deep calleth unto deep” worship experience. Terrance is a motivational speaker and author, who, in his spare time, operates two businesses. He recently completed the Mattera Institute of Apostolic Leadership.

Professionally, Montina is a career strategist, writer, and motivational speaker.  Her company, Destiny Trainer LLC, helps Christian businesswomen discover their five-fold ministry call and employ God’s wisdom and integrity in the marketplace. She holds a Master’s degree in Journalism, and has written numerous teachings, training manuals, and articles. Montina most recently implemented and managed a $3 million, 5-year federal grant used to build a career center, resource network, and leaders within an inner-city community.

Both Terrance and Montina are trained Christian counselors and members of The American Association of Christian Counselors.

Together, they help ministries, churches, and organizations, build strong communities, and individuals maximize their effectiveness as they pursue their God-given destiny.  

Legacy Generation International Ministries is a 501(C)(3) faith-based, Christian organization.

Our Mandate

Our Kingdom mandate is to redeem (to restore the honor, worth, and reputation of) the lost generations so they will become ambassadors (diplomatic officials representing the King of kings) in the earth. Our passion is to raise up a mighty, radical army of multi-cultural worshipping warriors. Our divine assignment is to help promote generational understanding and harmony as we bring healing and wholeness to communities.

Group Seflie


LG is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit strategic ministry and end-time training center. Drawn from  the nations, these radical Kingdom worshippers’ assignment is to change the spiritual climate in their sphere of influence, whether through the five-fold ministry or within the seven mountains of society (media, religion, family, education, government, business and entertainment). 

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Core Values

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Creative Expression 

  • Mentorship

  • Relationship Building

  • Leadership Development

  • Networking

  • Teamwork

  • Serving

  • Technology & Media

  • Principles of Multiplication

Congratulations on your evolving efforts to serve God by helping others.

I've known Tina and Terrance for 15+ years and during that time, I've witnessed their genuine devotion to God and each other. I've also seen their leaps of faith and watched them face and overcome the spiritual challenges that followed. And I've had the pleasure of their company, standing shoulder to shoulder with me in the Spirit, as I did the same. Ours is truly an “iron sharpens iron” relationship.


But most importantly, I've observed how they remain humbled and surrendered as Father stretches, molds and matures them into vessels for His service and then fills them with His purposes for them. I know their steadfast desire to help people discover or enhance their purpose in life by relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And I believe that their service will always be grounded in truth and integrity.

I admire them. I love them. I'm proud to call them friends.


C.A. Morrison, USA

Wow! Where do I even begin?! Legacy Generation International Ministries is an answered prayer for me. A ministry that is all about God's business.  Leaders who's heart and intentions mirrors God's and solely operate with honesty and integrity at all times. The ministry helps with  building your spiritual foundation while helping you identify the purpose God has intended specifically for your life. Not only are the biblical principles being taught, everyday life techniques such as time management, money management etc. are taught as well. I am forever grateful for LG.


L.Bickley, USA 

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