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Terrance Hollins 

As a professional trainer and mentor, Terrance has successfully—and passionately—reached thousands of youth and young adults through mentoring, innovative programs, seminars, conferences, juvenile detention facilities, college campuses and other venues.  And he’s earned numerous awards for his efforts.  

In his role as a pastor, youth specialist and trained coach, Terrance supports young adults from various cultures, economic backgrounds, including those faced with physical and intellectual challenges.   In return, mentees love to connect with him because he’s genuine, transparent and full of compassion.  

LG fulfills Terrance’s dream to reach global youth and young adults, like you, and help prepare them to present their unique gifts to the world.  


Montina Hollins 

Montina is a purpose-driven motivator who loves helping others discover and fulfill their God-given destiny.  As a professional trainer, career specialist and former college dean, she has mentored youth and young adults for over 15 years.

Montina's extensive counseling experience not only promotes emotional healing but also makes you feel like greatness is on the horizon.  She is known for her integrity, being genuine and the ability to work effectivelyand creatively with both individuals and groups.

LG is the fulfillment of Montina’s dream to teach others how to hear from, believe in and embrace the God who saved her life and then gave her a new one.  

As a team 

Terrance and Montina have served as licensed, ordained ministers in small, mid-sized and large ministries.  As youth pastors and associate pastors, they have served in every area of ministry you can imagine.  Today, they help ministries and individuals build strong communities. 


Why wait for destiny?   Connect with LG today and pursue it!  




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